Please know that the New Jersey Student Learning standards identify skills students need to master at each grade level in order to be successful, such as interpretation of text in English Language Arts. In our report cards we provide a number next to each skill taught ( which is a reflection of the standard) to show how independently students  are at working with that standard, a 1 shows that a student is working with  a lot of assistance and  a 4 shows a student  is exceedingly independent in carrying out the skill accurately. The teacher narrative also explains how students are doing. Since we are working remotely we continue to teach and practice these important skills through  distance learning. We continue to communicate with parents on how students are doing in developing important skills and concepts. We continue to meet individually and in small groups with students for guided and tailored instruction.
Teachers meet during weekly virtual common planning sessions to create units and lessons.  Teachers are posting assignments for these lessons so that students can continue to independently practice and learn grade level skills as aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning standards for each grade level. Each student is different and each can go at their own pace. Assignments can be completed according  to the student's pace and home dynamics. Teachers are flexible on the dates when assignments are due.
Thank you for your question about book deliveries. Books from our visiting authors were schedueld to be delivered to the school builidng.  Currently there are custodians and other personnel in the building . The books will be received and stored. Once we can return to the building we will sort out packages and send out the books. Thank you for your patience.
Dear Parents and Guardians,Recently school districts in New Jersey received the following information from the NJ  Department of Education in reference to virtual ceremonies:“We recognize that the sudden disruption to the normal operating procedures could be jarring for school communities at all levels. The resilience and adaptivity required to thrive in the face of unprecedented situations are characteristics embodied by the Class of 2020. Recognizing that high school graduation is certainly a milestone for students and families, the Department has compiled ….suggestions for holding virtual graduation ceremonies and related celebratory activities to honor this year’s graduating class while ensuring the health and safety of the school community during the COVID-19 emergency.”We  at ACS would like to extend the virtual ceremonies to the elementary school as well by including a virtual ceremony for fifth grade and virtual celebrations for Pre-K and Kindergarten in order to celebrate our…
Thank you for participating in our ACS pre-k -5 principal chat. It is important to be aware of concerns and questions from the community. In reference to teachers  posting the work to be completed the night before, this is an understandable request from many parents. This request has been presented and discussed with teachers. As you can see from the previous post, teachers are working around the clock and also balancing  their own schedules  and internet capabilities as well. According to the contract ACS teachers have to post assignments by 8:00 a.m., at the start of the virtual learning day.  Again, if you have a personal request, outside of this time, please contact your teacher individually to see what is possible to adjust. ACS teachers are responsive.
Message for eigth week of distance learning

ACS Pre-K - 5 Principal Chat

Welcome to our interactive blog.  It is a very difficult and uncertain time. At ACS we would like to stay connected with the community and address your specific concerns and ideas. Please post questions and/or ideas you may have for distance learning and the health of our learning community in this blog. I will post answers to questions in collaboration with ACS and Leonia School District faculty.

Thank You,
Maria Barcelo-Martinez